Board of Directors

Functions and Purpose of Board of Directors:

· Maintain consistency and high standards in all efforts involving Indiana Magic

· Establish and enforce a high code of conduct for coaches, players and parents

· Ensure players are the focus of Indiana Magic and not the adults

· Ensure coaches teach and don’t just recruit

· Provide general use facilities and equipment

· Handle contacts between players and college coaches

· Educate players and parents on scholarship activities    

· Serve as a resource to resolve problems between parents and coaches

· Provide due diligence for selection, acceptance and removal of coaches



· We have had at least 4 former players coach at the college level

· Over 20 former players have or are currently coaching at the high school level

· 5 of our former players are currently coaching in the Indiana Magic program


Frank Knox


C: 765-412-4598

Jerry Lewellen

Advisor/Parent-Coach Liason

C: 765-585-7932

Brian and Lori Knipp 

Vice Presidents/Manager of College Relations

C: 765-418-3740

Corey Forrester

Coaching Coordinator

C: 317-850-5794

Amy Harper

Information Systems/Public Relations

C: 765-491-3273

Ken Bowman

Mar Len Maintenance

C: 765-532-4593

Norm Rowe

Manager of College Relations

C: 765-714-2722

Arika Strimel

Coaching Coorrdinator

C: 765-490-3040

Jim and Susan Crain


4750 S. 150 E.

Lafayette, IN 47909